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7 points to look out for when selecting a BIM outsourcing partner

Outsourcing BIM services reveal a dramatically increasing trend because of the high demand for BIM services. It has proven to be an effective and feasible solution that enables companies to save time and effort. However, selecting the right BIM partner is extremely important to the success of your project.

So, how should you choose the BIM outsourcing partner?

Someone prioritizes low costs over everything. However, we think that it’s essential to access every aspect of a BIM outsourcing partner such as their experiences, staff, pricing models, quality standards, commitment, IT infrastructure system, etc. Choosing a trusted and reliable partner helps avoid construction hassles and project risk at the next project stage. To help companies, we’ve come up with 7 points to look out for when selecting a BIM provider.

If you want to outsource BIM services, we recommend you follow these points below to avoid serious problems.

Here are 7 points to look out for when selecting a BIM partner

1. Be aware of BIM partner’s experience

It’s important to check and clearly understand BIM outsourcing partner’s experience. You might list a series of questions to collect the necessary information. For example, how many projects have they executed? What was the scope of the project? What types of BIM services have they provided?

These questions will help you know how expertise the potential partner is. There are several ways to check the BIM partner’s experience:

  • Request their company portfolio and go into details on what types of services they have provided, the scope of projects executed, staffs, industries they served, IT infrastructure system, etc;
  • Visit the company’s website, read testimonials, and customer success stories. Dig deep into the kind of projects successfully delivered by the BIM partner you plan to select;
  • Look at their social media profiles such as Linkedin, or Twitter;
  • Contact and request a trial to understand more their capability. Check the quality checklists such as BIM protocol, families, templates and standards;

For example, if you are a 3D laser scanning company and looking for someone to help you with Scan to BIM requirements, a BIM outsourcing service provider with the great “Point cloud to BIM” experience is appropriate.

ViBIM owns a team of more than 20 talents including BIM consultants, architects, MEP engineers, and modelers. Our focus is on high-quality BIM products, on-time delivery, and long-term relationships. We specialize in Scan to BIM, 3D BIM Coordination, BIM Design Development, and Dynamo services for building industries.

2. Do they keep a high commitment?

The BIM partner you select should be able to deliver your project on time because the completion of the outsourcing project will impact on your next project stages. To check their commitment, you might refer to reviews of the company, client testimonials, or case studies to determine if they deliver on time. Work together with a company that keeps promises, you’ll get a successful project.
BIM outsourcing services

3. Do they have quality standards?

It’s essential to check the quality assurance and quality control processes of your BIM outsourcing partner. Having quality standards will help them create accurate and high-quality 3D BIM models. So you should ask your BIM outsourcing partner about adequate quality standards and quality check processes. At ViBIM, we always provide a comprehensive quality checklist that will clarify the scope of work, the detailed requirement of projects, Level of Details (LOD), and Level of Information (LOI) prior to commencement. This helps both the client and us have the same understanding of the scope of projects and requirements in detail.

BIM outsourcing services
BIM outsourcing services

4. Be clear and quick communication

Communication is extremely important to the success of BIM projects. So your BIM outsourcing partner should be able to listen to and fully understand all your requirements. Their team should be also quick to respond to you on every channel, even when different timezone. Besides, it shall be better if you will have your own project manager who can follow and keep your project on track.

5. Find out their pricing models

In reality, lots of BIM providers offer a low hourly rate to gain clients. However, it’s important to understand that cheap BIM outsourcing services do not always assure the efficiency and the quality of the final deliverable. BIM requires lots of effort and a reliable BIM provider will always offer a deserving price with their effort.

You should be also careful with companies that offer a very low price. They can lack experience or the necessary skills to create BIM models. This is conducive to the poor quality of BIM deliverables. Selecting a BIM partner that is not skilled and experienced can risk to your project.

In addition, you should clarify their pricing models before you make a decision. Because pricing plans can vary on the type of BIM services and scope of work. For example, BIM outsourcing partner can apply an hourly rate for Scan to BIM or BIM design services. But a lump-sum price can be appropriate to 3D BIM coordination.

6. Request a pilot project to understand more

A trial is a great opportunity for you to assess the real capabilities of a BIM outsourcing service provider. You can request a pilot project to understand more about their team’s skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. With first-hand experience, you have a chance to verify the credibility of BIM providers you find out before.

In order to help everyone to easily evaluate our expertise, we offer a free trial of BIM services. Just send us a small pilot project. Our BIM experts will analyze your project demands and offer you a FREE trial so you can understand more about our capability.

7. How do they handle confidential information?

Confidentiality is one of the important factors when outsourcing BIM services. So signing a non-disclosure and intellectual property agreement are vital. Whereby, neither the company nor their staff will disclose any data and information about the project to any third party without the prior consent of the client.

Besides, you should also check the IT infrastructure system of BIM outsourcing BIM providers. A well-developed IT system will help to protect your project data from destruction and other losses.

In conclusion

It’s clear that selecting a BIM outsourcing partner is not an easy task. It does not just stop enough qualifications since BIM projects require extensive collaboration and communication. No matter what BIM outsourcing services you look for are, it’s important to identify the right outsourcing partners. This will benefit your companies now and in the future.

If you’re looking for someone to handle all 7 points above for you so we can help you, drop us an inquiry and we will gladly assist you.