Add Rooms and Define Correctly Bound in Scan to BIM process

Add rooms in Scan to BIM process

1. What can be understood?

Adding rooms is considered as the way to add the non-geometric information to the project. This can be also understood that in each Scan to BIM project, the rooms will be clearly divided and correctly defined by bounding in the plan of the project.

2. Why is this important?

This criterion helps to add more information about the rooms on the architectural plan of the building. It enables you to distinguish the functionality of the current rooms as well.

Also, in this way, it brings several benefits for BIM model user including:

  • Identify the room quickly;
  • Know the height of each room;
  • Support your design stage and schedule in the model management;
  • Be of use to the scheduling of the height of the room.

scan to BIM services - room schedule

3. When should we do this?

Adding rooms should be applied for all where walls are closed. Normally, this is essential for the project that the high quality is paramount. However, an important note is that before the room is added, the surrounding walls must be assigned to the correct level. The wall object must be ticked to the “room bounding” to ensure that the bound is created.

scan to BIM services - Room bounding

The following example shows that the room is added throughout the plan view.

scan to BIM services - adđ room
When the room is added, you can know exactly the height of the room.

scan to BIM services - room height

4. How can rooms be added?

Before adding rooms throughout the project, the modeler should clearly determine the room level of the model. A tip for you is that you should frequently use the plan, 3D view, the image, Trueview to distinguish the rooms and the corridors to avoid mistakes.

In conclusion

Adding a room brings various benefits for the next project stages. So this is usually a required criterion in Scan to BIM projects that require high-quality. If you want to explore more about the topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our BIM experts are always here to help you answer any question until you get what you need.
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