can to BIM process: Check Doors and Its Details Before Modeling

Check Doors and Its Details Before Modeling in Scan to BIM process

1. What can be understood?

Understanding the client’s requirement is extremely important in the Scan to BIM project. So before getting started modeling, the modeler needs to assure that they clearly understand the technical requirements of each object in the model. For example, you’ve been asked to model doors by the client, then you must identify what LOD and LOI requirement is. If the project require high details, you can need to check what type of doors it is, determine door swing directions, and its details such as 3D linework, ironmongery, etc.

In the scope of this article, we assume that the model of the door is required with the LOD 300 and LOD 400. Later, in the process of creating a 3D BIM model, the modeler might use a 3D view or the plan to verify door swing directions.

  • The following example demonstrates using the plan view to check the door swing door

scan to BIM services - swing door

  • By comparison, we can also use the 3D view to check this:

scan to BIM services - swing door 3D view

2. Why is this important?

Knowing the exact requirements of doors will help us accurately model the status of the object. Besides, this also helps you meet the client’s requirements in terms of clearly showing the types of doors in the building and the door swing directions of the different door types. From that, you create an accurate 3D BIM model that is a vital starting point for the next design process.

Let’s take a look at the following image for better understanding:

scan to BIM services - detailed door

3. When should we perform this?

As mentioned, the model of the door will vary on the LOD and LOI requirements of the project. So any Scan to BIM project, you also should clearly understand the LOD and LOI requirements before modeling because they will impact on the final deliverables.

  • The door with LOD 100 and LOD 200 will include an opening pit only, not show the door swing direction.

scan to BIM services - door with lod 2

  • The door with LOD 300 will include the door swing direction, but not show the details of ironmongery.
  • The door with LOD 400 will include both the door swing direction and the details of ironmongery.

scan to BIM services - Door with LOD 3

Based on 3D TrueView, the point cloud data, the image to check the door swing direction as accurately as possible. As a result, if the project requires LOD 300 and LOD 400, you need to verify the door swing direction. Also, the project requires LOD 400, the modeler needs to detail 3D linework, ironmongery, and etc.

scan to BIM services - LOD 4
scan to BIM services - LOD 4

In conclusion

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