Frequently Asked Questions about ViBIM’s services

Welcome to ViBIM's Frequently Asked Questions Page

This page will cover various topics relating to BIM services, costs, and more so that you can understand more about our services. However, if you still have concerns, feel free to be in touch with our BIM experts at [email protected].

1. I want to know what services does ViBIM provide?

ViBIM is a global provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. Our focus is Scan to BIM, 3D Coordination, BIM for Design Development, and Dynamo BIM services. With over 5 years of experience, we’ve executed quite a few large-scale projects for the clients in the US, UK, Australia, and Japan. Let us know if we can help you with your project.

2. What is Scan to BIM or Point Cloud to BIM?

Scan to BIM or Point Cloud to BIM is the process of creating 3D BIM models based on scanned laser surveying data. The Scan to BIM provides a crucial beginning for stakeholders such as design teams, contractors, or building owners. Building owners are fond of as-builts for facility management activities or lease area audits. Architects and engineers use as-builts to understand existing conditions before revolution and retrofit projects. At ViBIM, we provide Scan to BIM services for 3D laser scanning companies and BIM consultants worldwide.

3. What is ViBIM Scan to BIM service included?

We help create BIM models from your point cloud data for all building trades such as Architecture, Structure, and MEP. We will work with you to understand your goals, LOI, LOD requirements, and help you define the exact scope of work. Our aim is to help convey design intent value into each and every Scan to BIM project. If you still have questions about our services, please get in touch with us. Our BIM consultant will help you answer any question until you get what you need.

4. I'm interested in BIM Design, so what is included in this service?

BIM design is the process of developing various types of designs. It includes concept designs, developed designs, or technical designs. This service is for any Architectural, Structural, MEP elements. We offer BIM design services to design companies or BIM consultants. Our services include the design development of Architectural, Structural, MEP elements. Just need to provide us with your Revit files, drawings, or even sketch designs.

ViBIM specializes in providing this service for the US, UK clients. We cater to various industries including Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Education, Residential, etc.

5. What's about 3D BIM coordination service?

3D BIM coordination is the process of creating federated models for all building trades. The goal of coordination is to eliminate design conflicts and clashes before installation.

Our 3D BIM coordination services include the creation of the federated modes with all the building trades such as architecture, structure, and MEPF.

Our team is skilled at analyzing different types of design clashes. It can be a soft clash, hard clash throughout design review, or Naviworks. We generate a clash detection report and classify them into specific groups. Then, our expert will help you address all.

We execute the clash detection for you weekly. Ensure you always have clash-free models for the project. Drawings exported from the federated model are of value to both the design and construction stage.

6. Why should I use Dynamo BIM?

Dynamo offers you a visual interface to help you improve the Revit BIM workflow. The use of algorithms into parametric BIM models helps speed up calculation. Improve the stability of results. Dynamo is a great assistant in computational design for BIM projects.

Dynamo can work as a great extension of Revit. It’s purpose-built for automating ad-hoc tasks in Revit. By using algorithms, you can solve complex geometric problems. Help to quicken your design process.

7. What is included in Dynamo BIM services?

We aim to help designers, contractors, and BIM consultants increase the productivity of BIM design projects. Our team develops dynamo scripts based on the client’s requirements. Help you ease up Architectural, Structural, MEP tasks

8. How much does it cost to each type of service?

– For Scan to BIM, BIM for Design Development, Dynamo service: The cost of each service will vary on the scope of work, your LOD, LOI requirements, and workload hour. However, you can be assured that ViBIM offers a high-quality BIM service at affordable prices. It is the reason that we have 95% repeat clients.

– For 3D BIM coordination service: The price of our 3D BIM coordination varies on your scope of work. We’ll help you define a lump-sum price. The fees charged monthly, later, are based on the actual timesheet it took us to perform tasks for you. We make sure it competitive for you. You’ll get high-quality deliverables with affordable cost.

9. Can I evaluate your competence?

Of course. Tell us about your projects. Our BIM consultants would be in touch with you to understand your needs. We can make an individual offer for FREE so you can understand more about our capability.

10. What industries do you serve?

ViBIM specializes in providing BIM services for varied building types. Include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Educational, etc. With in-depth BIM knowledge, we completely meet the industry requirements and current trends.

11. What software do you use?

We are working with Autodesk platform such as Revit, Navisworks, 360 BIM, Recap, AutoCAD.

12. How do you protect client data and NDA?

We always put data security over all else. ViBIM server is safely protected, only our authorized Project Manager can deliver data to clients under a secured cloud. No one at ViBIM can copy data to USB or upload/attach on the Internet thanks to Firewall restriction.

13. Is there a particular file format that you prefer... RCP, E57, PTS, etc.?

We use the Autodesk BIM platform so we prefer RCP/RCS. E57 can be fine but we just do not want to run the indexing process to ensure the quality of input data originally provided from the client.

Don’t see your questions listed here?

Please get in touch with us, our BIM experts will help you answer any question until you get what you need.