Scan to BIM in construction phase

How Scan to BIM is used in the construction phase

As many construction projects have adopted BIM technology, we witness a natural surge of Scan to BIM. The Scan to BIM refers to the use of 3D laser scanning to capture existing conditions of buildings as point cloud data and the creation of BIM models from these data. In construction projects, the Scan to BIM brings benefits to each and every project phase such as design, construction, operation, and management phase. However, each phase has different requirements depending on the purpose of use.

In this article, we will shed some light on how Scan to BIM is applied in the construction phase. This might point out some great ideas that help you improve your Scan to BIM projects. Let’s keep reading on it to get more information.

1. The purpose of Scan to BIM in the construction phase

To get the most out of Scan to BIM models, you need to identify the purpose of using the models first. When understanding clearly how Scan to BIM models will be applied, you will determine the right approach. Let’s take a look at some following use-case scenarios of Scan to BIM in the construction phase.

Quality assessment/ quality control (QA/QC)

One of the popular applications of Scan to BIM in the construction phase is for quality assessment/quality control (QA/QC). The 3D models created from Scan to BIM process are often compared to the previously designed 3D BIM models to identify any discrepancy between them. Also, these 3D models are used to determine the tolerance values specified in the requirements when modeling.

Early problem detection

Let’s imagine you’re hired for a project at a Hospital. The Scan to BIM process allows you to create a 3D BIM model to present to the project team. The model pointed out to all of your project team more than 10 conflicts where the pipework running through a steel beam. With a clear picture of the problem, stakeholders will know what they should do to make a constructible model. For example, the design team will need to make the change and quickly approve a change order. More importantly, the project team avoids costing more money than planned to solve these issues if they weren’t detected before the build.


Scan to BIM construction phase - clash detection

Monitor progress on a project

Progress tracking is a vital part of the construction phase to assure the project’s progress. The Scan to BIM will be a good choice for this. By scanning the on-site construction works and create 3D BIM models, you might compare them with the designed BIM models to review the project schedule. As a result, you are able to see the actual progress in comparison with the plan and know exactly what the construction works need to be completed.

Create virtual environments for installation

Several contractors utilize the Scan to BIM to simulate the installation and assemblies in virtual conditions. In this way, contractors can recognize any potential problem such as clashes between the components to solve them before creating the actual installation. In this way, the Scan to BIM helps contractors save construction time and costs thanks to early problem identification for installation and assembly.

Generally speaking, use-case scenarios for Scan to BIM in the construction phase is diverse. It can be used for both new constructions and renovations and the purpose is flexible depending on the requirements of each project. With understanding the purpose of Scan to BIM, now you can identify the right laser scanning solutions and create suitable deliverables.

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2. Think about purpose-built BIM models

Now it’s time to determine the necessary point cloud data and BIM modeling process. This enables you to create BIM models with the right and sufficient data. In general, we see that the deliverables are varied depending on the requirements of each project. However, to create BIM models that meet the right client requirements, you should create a querying checklist to clarify any concerns like LOD or LOI requirements between you and your clients.


BIM outsourcing services


For instance, some contractors will need a BIM model for clash detection so the final BIM model may be less detailed than the BIM models created for the design phase. They can expect the BIM models contain factors like name conventions that help them group clashes or search components with ease. If you are not aware of your client’s expectations, don’t worry, the best way is frankly to talk to them to know more. By understanding the client requirements, you can optimize the implementation time of the project but still creating the deliverables meeting their expectations.


Scan to BIM in construction - BIM model

3. Self-do it all or outsourcing?

The Scan to BIM includes the process of capturing existing conditions as point cloud data and the creation of BIM models from these scanned data. So there are several ways to optimize the Scan to BIM process for the construction project.

If you are a 3D laser scanning company and hired for a project at school, of course, you can self-perform laser scanning processes and even create BIM models from point cloud data. However, you are completely able to optimize cost for the Scan to BIM project by choosing to outsource a part of the work and focus only on your strengths.

Partnering with a service provider, for example, specializing in BIM modeling from point cloud data may be a good choice. It provides more flexibility to solve varied works, approaching professionals with expertise in each area.

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