Join all walls into a chain in Scan to BIM project

Join all walls in a continuous chain in Scan to BIM process

1. What can be understood?

Regarding walls, there will be lots of intersections where multiple walls connect together. So one of the important criteria we always follow is all walls shall be cleanly joined in a continuous chain and detached from top to bottom. At the position of numerous wall intersections, the modeler will create a continuous chain of thin walls around the intersection.

scan to BIM services -walls2. Why is this important?

In the Scan to BIM project, there are almost intersections and these areas need to be joined properly to create a clean model. This helps to avoid conflicts and clashes between walls in the model. What’s more, the joining of all walls will make the plan and the section become neater and more seamless. Creating a clean model makes the design process become easier and more efficient.

3. How does the right joined wall look like?

The section view below indicates the status of the walls when they are not joined. There will be overlap between the intersections and not be consistent.

Scan to BIM projects- walls don't be joinedOn the other hand, the walls that are joined will become seamless at the intersected points.

Scan to BIM projects - wall joinedThe following plan view demonstrates the status of the walls when they are not joined together.

Scan to BIM project - plan join walls
However, the model will become cleaner when the walls are joined together
Scan to BIM projects - walls joined

A note for the modeler is that:

  • Every time a wall is created in a Scan to BIM project, it’s necessary to analyze the cohesion of that object in the project;
  • Check objects regularly when using the sections and plans through points that have great complexity in the project model.

In conclusion

This is one of the most important criteria to create a clean 3D BIM model. At ViBIM, we always assure the deliverables meet this requirement in each Scan to BIM project. We believe if you do start to use these standards it will be fantastic for your BIM projects. If you’re interested in the topic, feel free to contact us to know it in detail.