3D BIM Coordination Project for School in USA

Federated model - 3D BIM coordination

Our client

ViBIM has executed the BIM coordination for a school project in the United States. This project has involved different stakeholders in the construction stage. We have worked closely with the BIM coordinators in the United States.


School building
466.000 SQFT
United States
3D Coordination

Project objectives

The school project has required 3D BIM coordination of the plumbing system. Also, we’ve produced showdrawings for the construction stage. Besides, ViBIM has performed clash detection and fixed coordination issues weekly.

The initial stage of the project has prioritized the plumbing system. Ensure that this one has no design clashes with Architectural and Structural disciplines.

The Solution

Our team has worked on Navisworkfiles shared each week. Based on the input data, we have executed 3D BIM coordination of the plumbing system. Use Naviswork to detect design clashes and thoroughly fix them.

With a clash detection report every week, we proactively propose solutions to the issues. Ensure smooth coordination process and fit technical requirements. During the process of the project, we use Revit to model, Naviswork Manage to perform QA/QC.

The deliverables

The deliverables have been the 3D CAD files to coordinate weekly. Also, we’ve delivered to the client Revit files of shopdrawings with LOD 300. We are currently working on this project with the client.

Client Reviews

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