Dynamo scripts for checking the fire compartment standards of an office building

Our client

We’ve worked with a client in Japan to develop Dynamo scripts that help to automate the repetitive Architectural tasks in Revit.


Office Building
Dynamo BIM service

Project objectives

Our client has wanted to create Dynamo scripts to help them check the fire compartment standards of the office building in Revit with ease.
The details of the project have included the creation of Dynamo scripts to check the maximum allowable floor area according to the fire compartment standards. Besides, our Dynamo team has also written scripts to check if parameters of floors, walls, windows, and doors fit for the fire compartment standards.
The client has provided us with a specifications file that has described requirements and the desired flow of Dynamo scripts.

The Solution

Once we received the client’s requirements, our Dynamo team has gotten started to analyze specifications, take up the ideas for scripts, and estimate the execution time.
The office building has contained three types of building and each one has its own fire compartment standards. However, the client has required us to create just one Dynamo script file that can be used to examine standards for all types of buildings.
This could be considered a big challenge for the project that obligates the team to be able to tackle conflicts to develop the exact scripts.
Our engineers have checked the result, run Revit test data that was provided by the client to double-check the Dynamo scripts created before delivering the final scripts to the client.

The deliverables

We delivered to the client a Dynamo script data file (.dyn), explanatory document, and tutorial video that help the client better understand how Dynamo script works. We are currently working on the project with the client.

Client Reviews

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