Scan to BIM project for Administrative Building in UK

Scan to BIM for Administrative Building in the UK

Our client

We implemented this project for a client in the United Kingdom. Our client wanted to create an as-built model for the renovation project. It was the 6-story administrative building. The client required high quality of QA/QC process and deliverables.





33.000 SQFT (1st floor)


United Kingdom


Scan to BIM

Project objectives

The administrative building project included Revit modeling for Architecture, Structure, and MEP. Besides, our team was responsible for making annotation of plans. Include floor materials, door tags, key plans, drawings, elevation materials. All models required LOD 4 in the UK standard.

The client provided us with Revit setup file, point cloud data in the file format of .rcs, and specifications. We also received drawings of the site plan, section. These input data helped us clearly understand the building structure.

The Solution

We modeled high-detailed Architectural, MEP elements with LOD 4 (highest quality in the UK), and extremely low tolerance (less than 15mm). It was a big challenge for our project team. ViBIM, however, with its expertise, created models that met the exact technical requirements.

We also performed an internal QA/QC process before delivering the final model to the client weekly. After the initial modeling phase, we assisted the client in making plan annotations with sufficient information.

The deliverables

Thanks to collaboration closely, we completed the project after 5 working weeks with the client’s high satisfaction. The deliverables were Architectural, Structural, MEP Revit files with the size ones of 342 MB, 37 MB, and 97 MB, respectively.

We were glad to be part of this project as a BIM partner.

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