Scan to BIM project for Laboratory in USA

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Our client

ViBIM implemented Scan to BIM project for a laboratory in the United States. Our client wanted to create an as-built model for a recently completed building. This is a building with a dense MEP pipe system and types of equipment that serve for medical production.


100.000 SQFT
United States
Scan to BIM

Project objectives

This laboratory comprised Revit modeling of interior Architectural trade and all MEP systems. All models required LOD 300. Strikingly, we needed to model the medical dryer with LOD 350. The pipe system had to be properly named and classified with the label on the pipes.

The client provided us with point cloud data in the file format of .rcs and Recap file. Due to the large-scale project, the input data was extremely heavy and sent in phases.

The Solution

Due to the huge workload of the MEP system, we divided the project into two phases. The process of Revit modeling was executed parallel to that of laser scanning.

During the project process, we used Revit to create BIM models, Naviswork Manage to perform QA/QC, Recap to view bubbles.

Smooth coordination, high commitment, and the quality were the key to the success of this project.

The deliverables

We delivered to the client Architectural, Structural, MEP Revit files with the size ones of 90 MB, 500 MB, 37 MB, respectively.

Client Reviews

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